The Horiegumi squad just added Kazuei Oimatsu aka “Osomatsu” to the roster, and he came through with a minute and a half of clips from the crustiest cuts Japan has to offer.  My favorite clips included the opening 40/60, the x-up ice around the curved rail at :39, and anything with steep transition.  I’m about to have this edit in my personal rotation for a minute, if you needed a little authentic street riding as Saturday motivation, look no further.

“:::Welcome to Horiegumi:::

JPN Tyoyama rep rider
Kazuei Oimatsu aka “Osomatsu

video by @horiegumi799

rider : @osomatsu_bmx
film : @daisuke33/@dangerousonanistreet aka AD
assistant : @tsuyoshi_nakatsudo
edit : @daisuke33″