Karl Poynter 2012 Japan Tour

Karl Poynter gets in good with both the spots and lifestyle of Japan and Leigh Ramsdell shits on a rug. Amazing, haha.

“Fudger, one time I ate some spicy Ramen√∫˜µ∆˙©ƒ∂ noodles. I walked to the local CD shop with Leif Valin. All of a sudden I had to poop. I stupidly told myself I could make it back to my house. I parted ways with Leif and hurried on home. Just halfway there it hit me strong and I thought I was going to have to go behind someones house. I sat down on a wall and breathed in and out slowly until it subsided. I cautiosly walked back to my house. When I hit the drive way my bowels must have known I was close and all hell was about to break loose. I fumbled for my keys at the door but luckily got it opened, threw my coat on the couch as I ran to the bathroom. Just as I was dropping my pants two feet from the toilet I shit all over my bathroom rug. So close. I just got in the shower, took everything off, went the kitchen to grab a garbage bag and threw my clothes and rug away. Leif came back to my house later, went to the bathroom and asked what happened to the rug. “I shit on it”, was all I said. Lesson; Don’t eat spicy ramen noodles and then walk far away from homebase with out shitting first. That rug really tied the room together. Oh yeah, here’s a Karl Poytner video that was made by our Japanese Distributor, Vancho Bikes if you want to put it up on the site. It’s a long one.” —Leigh Ramsdell

Eastern Bikes‘ Karl Poytner headed to Japan to ride the Kamome Jam and then spend some time after to ride various cities and spots with our Japanese distributor, Vancho Bikes. Karl had a great time exploring the country, meeting new friends and riding his bike. This video give a good feel to his time spent in the land of the rising sun. A big thanks to HTB Television and Vancho Bikes!”