I saw this  video the other day and was taken back when it said 2014. So I assumed it had already seen it’s internet shine time. Well you know what happens when you assume. Regardless of the date this video packs in a bunch of great riders in search of the best concrete parks near the Canadian border and having fun along the way. There is a write up of their Just For Fun Trip on windowlessvan.com.


“The final crew ended up being Luke Seile, Paul Williams, Anthony Napolitan, Ronnie Napolitan, KC Badger, Kevin Porter, Dustin Orem, Drew Bezanson, Zak Earley, Eddie Buckley, Jeremiah Smith, Austin Buckley, and a wildcard appearance for a couple of days from Aaron Bostrom. The Plan was to drive north from Portland up into Washington state and to go explore the coastline and the islands near the Canadian border and to hunt down the best cement that we could find and to of course stop at anything else along the way that looked rad.”