Such an amazing story. Basically, Juanje Trujillo has been absolutely killing it, but after his last pair of custom bars broke, S&M stepped up to make him a custom set of Hoder bars. And, as I’m sure you can see from the video, Juanje is straight up killing it. Love to see stuff like this…

The video description run through Google translate:

“We already have the new video of Juanje Trujillo , who a few months been ruptured his previous handlebar ago and it was a little small , now distributor 4130BIKECOMPANY contact with S & M Bikes to realize the illusion of Juanje , no problems with your handlebar because it is the most important of your bike so you can ride conditions , so S & M did not hesitate to fabricarle one Hoder handlebar with its perfect size and Made in Usa, to last forever ! From here we thank you for all the support and help they are receiving Juanje of 4130bikecompany and S & M Bikes.”

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