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The people dedicated to self-producing a full-length video these days a few and far between, but they’re still out there paying for countless tanks of gas, bottles of water, “right here and I’ll buy you dinners” and celebratory drinks at the bar. Its a labor of love to spend countless hours in a car, behind a camera and in front of a computer for months on end, expecting nothing in return but for your friends to do the things you know they’re capable of. In a climate of Instaclips over real clips, its essential that we keep the spirit of Independent BMX alive by supporting these projects. So watch the trailer for “Hot And Heavy” and hit the link below to add it to the DVD collection you better still have!

Hot and Heavy
An exploration into BMX street riding- NJ,PA,TX,MA,NY,TN
Run time: 51mins
filmed and edied by Josh Babu @thejoshbabu

Brett Tocco, Travis Loteck, Kris Kim, Andy Vandy, Adam Hough, Josh Babu, Chadwick Davis, Darryl Tocco, Kenny Horton, Jon Combs, Zac Powell, Mat Hildebrand, Jeremie Infelise, Leo Furmansky, Hilly, Rily Sander, Jake Petruchik, Tyler Owen, Ryan Cork, Charlie Crumlish, Blake Wright, Brett Webber, Ryan Lamont, Erick Probst, Dave Bass, Ever Peacock, Phil De Mattia, Matt Mazzone, Matt Mantas, Pat Schlitzer, Jonathan Schimpf, Steve Tassone, Chris Aceto, Chris Girouard, Jacob Conard, Shim Medrano, Jeremie Infelise, Michael Bowen, Evan Lane, Harrie Needham, Mike Elias, Jacob Campbell,Cody Cox, CJ Ramero, Blake Rumsy, Nick Vergillo, James Nutter, Andrew Quinlan, Marc Meeuwissen, Nick Maltese, Mike Allen, Adem Gunaydin, Jake Hunter, Jake Booher, Jimmy Hathaway, Alan Parker, J.D. Whitehead, Randy Mobley, Justin Oliver, Dave Raffa, and Jamie Barnhart.

dvd image by Jeremie Infelise @infelise

Get the full “Hot & Heavy” DVD here!