When it comes to riding, a lot of people get sucked into riding just one or two things. Not too many riders are up for riding everything, even if they can. Whether it’s park, street, dirt, vert or flatland, it can be tricky finding spots to ride or just feeling comfortable enough to even ride each style. Johann Chan decided to take on the challenge and film a quick edit filled with clips from street, park, trails, vert and flatland sessions he has been getting in to take on a challenge and shake things up a bit. Here’s what he came up with!

Prompted by the Ride ON BMX challenge.
Ride everything – Park, Dirt, Vert, Street, Flat and put it together in a 60 second edit.

Get your entries in at Ride ON FB group.
Deadline: end of September 2018!

Music: Shadows by The KVB
Thanks to Mike Mansfield, Jason Forde, KP, Mike O,Connell & Laura for additional filming