Operating under the Jib BMX moniker, Jon Schimpf has just dropped what’s undoubtably one of the best independent releases of the year!  If raw, authentic street riding is your thing, look no further than Jib: Tape #4.  Tape #4 is a solid collection of cuts and you guessed it, jibs, from the majority of the Philadelphia scene and beyond.  Pat Schlitzer, Nick Bott, Jon Schimpf, Steve Tassone, and Joeby Suender each hold down full sections, but a number of mix parts fill out the bulk of this video.  With the Chocolate Truck, StinkPit and ATown Trash crews each serving up heavy sections, you know this is something everyone can get behind.

“This video was filmed in Eastern Pennsylvania and showcases realistic street riding from a variety of talented individuals who reside within the state. A large majority of the filming was conducted in the Philadelphia region over the past 2-3 years. The project’s goal is to document the stylistic approach to riding on less than perfect obstacles that the area has been and continues to be known for.
Mixed crew sections from:
stinkpit (@stinkpit)
atown trash (@atowntrash_official)
chocolate truck (@chocolatetruck)

Riding from:
pat schlitzer (@pat.schlitzer)
eric capone (@ericcapone)
fran meehan (@franman12)
dan conway (@danconway)
daniel kelleher (@gannwear)
marty moore (@martmoore)
ryan scott (@ryanscottphoto)
dennis bunn (@instabunn)
robbie downward (@rad_house)
jarret mayo (@jarretmayo)
nick bott (@nick_bott)
cody neiswender (@mcthuginn)
matt smith (@mattheyea)
josh stair (@joshstair)
chris andrijiw (@pifficus)
anthony villani (@sirvillani)
justin benthien (@justinbenthien
kevin bass (@kevinbasss)
tommy gunn (@tgske)
mike o’donnell
matt spencer aka tenna (@tenna10)
jersey joe (@jerseyjoehere)
jamie barnhart (@pedalpushin)
tony meeks (@skeem_ynot)
sean carroll aka chickenwang (@chickenwang30)
joe kirschenbaum (@baumshakalaka)
brian donahue (@_donahue)
jon schimpf (@schimpfstagram)
kevin vannauker (@kvannauker)
ryan niranonta (@ryanniranonta)
joe niranonta (@joeniranonta)
nick barrett (@nickbayrat)
john yoh (@johnyohyoh)
grant maddox aka pugwash (@southofheaven_666)
matt miller (@mattmiller_ct)
breyon woods (@bdubct)
mike swift (@swiftmichael_)
steve tassone(@_tasswon) (@215berks)
nick smith (@knick_smith)
james hess (@get_atown_trashed)
eddie grabert (@eddiethewhale)
john greenage aka sanchez (@instadirtychezz)
fateem williams (@fatewill)
chris volkwine (@baboon_ir)
pat quinn (@patquinnpatquinn)
erick carment (@erk666)
josh frey aka chief (@_atowntrash_)
joby suender (@notoriousjob)”

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