Theres so much dope stuff in here I don’t really know where to start. Philly has a ton of people that kill it and the Jib videos are look into their scene. Riding, filming and editing are all on point in here and at times I definetly get a vibe similar to the old Shook videos. The whole video is awesome but I’m really into Nick Bott’s section.

“this is the third mixtape in the jib series. 

jib is a project that focuses on creating footage of riders that are living+riding in the philadelphia area.


00:00 – intro/tyler butler
03:25 – stinkpit: dan conway, eric capone, fran meehan, gannwear, jay dyer
09:22 – jonathan schimpf
12:45 – ct mix + random mix ft. steve tassone, joby suender, nick barrett, john yoh, matt miller, chicken wang, brett curtis, joe kirschenbaum, dan bob, joe notte, mclovin, brian shane, jeff purdy, anthony villani, chris “fuzz” ware
20:06 – pat schlitzer
24:01 – nick bott
30:36 – credits/bonus section”