Wow, not only is Jason a maniac, but he had to re-film all this stuff (see below). I’d be straight up weeping in my room knowing that I’d have to re-film some monstrous roof barspin.


“Jason Lopez (Nor-Cal based) has been working all summer to put this edit out, two weeks ago the computer that had the whole edit saved on it was stolen. over the past 10 days, Jason went to every spot and re-filmed every single clip. Jason buckled down and put in crazy work to put this edit out on time. Hope you enjoy. Kevin Johnson put in months of work and made this happen.Shouts out to Paul Shariff, and Nathan Lozada for helping out filming. Edited by Kevin Johnson, Josh Lopez. Sound track credit; Naughty Boy- Think about it ft. Wiz Khalifa, Ella Eyre.”