Jared Washington puts a few lines together in this Almond Footwear edit. That last double peg to over smith clips could not have been done any better…

“Jared’s original 1&9 signature shoe was released a good few years ago, so an update has been long over due. Looking fresh for 2014 the all new 1&9 builds on the foundations of the old shoe but delivers far more. Designed from the ground up two achieve two things, work great on the bike, and look good off it.

The shoe is built on the incredibly grippy Almond Vulc sole, which includes a built in PU shock absorber under the heel to prevent bruising. A reinforced heel cup and strengthened upper ensure the shoe offers plenty of support . The materials, stitching details and clean lines give the shoe a look that masks the shoes rider focused design”

Hey Jared, whats been going on with you this winter? 

Been taking it easy, I did a lot of traveling last year so I don’t mind sitting back and freezing for a little right now. Riding with my close friends and having fun 

Tell us a little about your signature shoe? 

I really wanted a shoe that was functional but still looks nice to walk around in when not riding. The brown leather ones are a perfect example of that in my opinion. I’m psyched on how those came out.

What sort of input did you have?

I was working with almond for about a year telling them everything that popped into my head that I like in a shoe and what I don’t like. Sent them pictures drawings etc.

What can people expect if they buy your signature shoe?

A really good quality shoe that looks and feels nice an will hold up really well. Almond is one of the only BMX shoe brands and they just continue to get better and better. 

Are they grippy for riding or does the sole get battered easily?

Soles are nice and grippy. Same as on some of the last almonds that I’ve ridden in for months. 

How much are they and when are they out? 

They start at $65 and are out now hit up http://www.danscomp.com


Filmed and edited by Scott Mcmenamin