When Brian Kachinsky hits you with a link to a video from a squad he endorses, you better believe you’re in for a treat. Here’s a new mixtape featuring the guys out in the Maryland area going to work on the streets, just having some fun on their bikes! This is 15 minutes of non-stop goodness. We will warn you the filming is kind of wild and might not jive with people that get motion sickness, but it’s some unique film work that gives the video a different feel.

filmed and edited by Max Frost
additional filming:
Ayden Shae
Noah Worthington
Wade Ash
Brandon Bell
Chase Culver
Brandon Begin
Stephan August
Dre Carter
Nick Carruba
Kevin Scott

Music (in order):
Say You’ll say so-Geoffrey Landers
Disappear-Idontknowjeffery ft. Black Smurf
Blunt2mylips-Luke Almighty ft Velaseff
The Breathtaking Blast-Tradition
I Don’t Care-Final Solution
Whats Your Name-Montell2099 (Busta Rhymes)
Baby I Wonder- Max B
Go to Church Hoe-MC Mack
Times is Hard On the Boulevard-Big L
” – Max Frost