Mike Aitken just released some of the footage of his recovery after crashing hard and being in a coma for three weeks. Mikey continues to recover more on a daily basis and still has a long road ahead of him. Keep showing your support…it means a lot and helps him a ton. If you are reading this, you need to watch this video.

Also, keep this in mind next time you jump on your bike for a session and don’t put on your helmet.

The following text is from the YouTube description:
“For the first time since his near fatal accident last fall BMX rider Mike Aitken has decided to release some of the pictures and footage of his recovery.

He feels it’s important to show the impact that one fall can have, and wants to share what it’s taken to try and get it all back.

Check out more at www.mikeaitken.com.”

For more on the Athlete Recovery Fund, check out athleterecoveryfund.com.

Look for a more in depth look at Mikey’s story in the Fit “Stay Fit” DVD that will premiere on September 24th at NORA Cup.