The last time I posted about a fat tire’d BMX bike, I expressed my hatred rather bluntly. But this, and maybe I’m just clouded by the nostaglia of seeing Todd “Wildman” Lyons shredding the greater HB area, but it doesn’t seem so bad. I mean, a lot of the stuff could have been done on a normal BMX bike, but at least Todd makes it look fun. And, I assume that’s the goal.

“BMX Innovations: It's in our blood. Mix in one part fat, three parts BMX, and a dash of radness, and you have the Fat Ripper: the world's first-ever high-end BMX fat bike. Built with legendary alloy Floval tubing, a Looptail rear end, and Landing Gear forks, it screams PK Ripper. But add in the 26 x 3.5" tires, 65mm wide rims, and disc brakes, and it's not like anything you've ever seen before.

The Fat Ripper has been in testing, under the microscope for the past nine months. Its creator and SE Brand Manager, Todd Lyons, has been plowing, jumping, bumping, dadonking, and destroying everything in its path. Obstacles and terrain that was previously thought as not ridable can now be ridden. We're stoked to announce that the Fat Ripper is AVAILABLE NOW. We filmed this edit to show the world exactly what this beast of a bike is capable of. Introducing the 2016 Fat Ripper – Radness defined.

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Film/Edit: Aaron Nardi
Song: Erthizen – Public Enemy