Damn, I can’t imagine being on an international trip and experiencing the rioting that these Éclat guys went through.  Even their own hotel suffered some damage!  This is definitely a behind the scenes you don’t want to miss, probably safe to say it was one of the craziest trips these guys have ever been on.  Get an inside look here…

“In preparation for the upcoming Éclat in Chile video that we have dropping on Tuesday, we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at what Bruno Hoffmann, Alex Kennedy, Stevie Churchill and Sean Burns got up to during their time in Chile and its capital city, Santiago. Ever tried to film a clip during a full-on riot in the street with tear gas filling your lungs? Or had all the windows in your hotel smashed to pieces in front of you? Nope… didn’t think so… Despite the turbulent conditions in Chile the guys came away with so much crazy footage for the camera of Rich Forne – look out for that right here on the 16th, along with full coverage from our man with tear-gassed eyeballs Ryan Scott.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Scott”

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