Mike Hinkens hit us with a link to the latest Imprimatur BMX Podcast! This time around we get some perspective from the one and only Rob Dolecki who has been a staple in the BMX media for decades. This one is focused more on the BMX culture and how media plays its part in things. This one leads to some really interesting discussions that make for a great listen. Hit play and take it all in!

Rob Dolecki—rider, photographer, and long time creator in the BMX community—sat down and discussed media in BMX culture in this episode of the ImprimaturBMX podcast. A majority of the discussion centered around the role of media in our culture as a representation of us in general, as a tool for us to utilize, and as a distraction to us as well. In addition, Rob and Mike discussed the strength of BMX culture due to its multi-generational nature, the rate of progression in connection with modern media platforms, aesthetics in bike riding, and the reality of aging in BMX.” – Imprimatur BMX