There’s been a TON of great podcasts popping up lately. Here’s another gem for you to get into. Mike Hinkens hit us with a link to a new one he’s doing through Imprimatur BMX that’s focused on BMX and a little more of the politics side of things. This time around, Mike caught up with Little Jon to talk about everything from his lifestyle where he is constantly traveling, hopping trains all over, his perspective on life and more! Little Jon is a super interesting dude and has a bit of a mysterious side that definitely keeps you interested. Hit play and take this all in!

In the latest installment of the ImprimaturBMX Podcast, Mike Hinkens caught up with Little Jon out in the streets of Milwaukee and they discussed everything from riding in shows to riding on trains. Jon opened up about the DIY ethic he lives by, how BMX and other parts of his life helped influence that ethic, as well as how he sees the DIY attitude alive in BMX as a whole. Throughout, Jon often returns to the concept of using BMX as a tool and making choices about how to best utilize that tool.