How-To Build A Complete BMX Bike With Subrosa’s Ryan Sher

This one is just in time for the holidays…If you are buying a new complete BMX bike for someone, or for yourself, you may need to know a few basic things once you get the bike out of the box. Lucky for you we met up with Subrosa’s Ryan Sher to help explain everything you need to know to build your new bike properly to keep it going strong.

Video by Brett Rohlfing.

Tips And Things To Remember:
– Put a little bit of bike grease on the threads of the pedals and the seat bolt (the one that sticks out of the bottom of the seat). This will help prevent the bike parts from seizing up on each other, which will allow you to loosen them easier when you work on your bike in the future. Putting grease on parts of the bike where metal touches metal like this will also help reduce “creaking” noises throughout the bike’s lifetime.
– Look on the sidewall of the tire to find the maximum PSI that the tire will allow. This bike’s tires recommend 40-65 PSI, but others may be different.
– If you bought your bike from a shop (as opposed to a mail order company), they may have some kind of service plan where they will do routine maintenance on your bike for a certain amount of time.

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