“Jeremie Infelise hooked up with The Society art gallery in OKC for their opening party. The goal was to show the diverse arts that are happening in the area. This is the BMX with a little bit of skateboarding.” -Hoffman

“A new local art gallery called The Society hit me up about doing something with BMX at their opening show. The idea was to showcase different artistic elements that our great city of OKC has to offer. With acoustic sets, hip hop, acoustic/hip hop colab, t-shirt printing and live painting, throw us in and there was definitely a lot going on. The idea of doing a "demo" for me is awkward and uncomfortable. So we set it up like an everyday session with my dudes and added a filmer for the extra authenticity. I invited a bunch of my skateboard friends but they had their local crew video premier the same night around the corner.” -Jeremie Infelise


Filmed by: Trevor Burke
Edited by: Jeremie Infelise