We may have posted a section or two from this video but to be honest, the whole thing is nothing short of classic.  Back when BMX media wasn’t constantly coming out, Lotek Mixtape would reside in my DVD player for months at a time.  There are so many timeless clips in this, Mike Hoder’s 360 at the Brooklyn Banks is likely still one of the biggest 3 gaps ever done.  Bob Scerbo’s section is easily one of my all time favorites, at this point in the game opposite icepicks were fairly uncommon and the $cerb man laced some mean ones.  If you haven’t seen this before, you’ll be sold after watching Ian Schwartz’s opening line.  This video is a crowning achievement for street riding in the early 2000s and with a line up Bob Scerbo, Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk, Eddie Cleveland, Eli Platt, Eman, Ian Schwartz, Jason Enns, Mike Aitken, Mike Hoder, Seth Kimbrough and more, I think it should be easy to see why.