After watching the credits to Albert Street yesterday I gave the full video a watch.  BMX has come a long way since the days of watching Lou Bickle staple his face, eat lightbulbs and break bottles over his head in the name of FBM.  But it’s always nice to take a moment and appreciate the wild riding and destructive antics of those alcohol fueled pioneers who paved the way for riders like ourselves.  I think I was 12 when I first saw this video, let’s just say it was a truly eye opening experience.  The debauchery in the video is as memorable as the riding, and with a line up like Bob ScerboMike TagBrian YeagleDave MirraJay MironRalph Sinisi and more, you know it’s going to to have some crazy shit.

“I’m doing it for Albert Street- I’m doing it for FBM!!!!”

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