Five years ago, Joe Rich, Danny Hickerson, Tom Dugan and Joeseph Frans took a trip to the majestic Colorado and delivered one of the best trip videos ever made.  Maybe it’s because Colorado is a concrete park paradise and never fails with providing epic scenery, or maybe it’s because with a crew of T-1 legends things were bound to get crazy.  Whatever it is, this video is epic on all levels.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must watch, and if you have, I’m fairly certain you’re already watching.

“I feel like I’ve written so much about the amazing state of Colorado over the years. It continues to deliver that magic “dose” of life, each and every time. I had the pleasure of making this great journey this year with a few fellow T1ers. Danny Hickerson, Joseph Frans, and Tom Dugan joined me for some fun filled days in the mountains . . . This place awaits you just the same. Make some plans and get there !”