Most "Day In The Life" pieces are total bullshit. Dudes plan out a day with a bunch of rad things that they might do every now and then, but not daily, and make their days seem super busy and incredibly awesome. This DITL with Heath Pinter, however, is pretty spot on. I would have loved to see more boarding from Heath and Rooftop because they are super good at it. And really, I felt like this edit was too short because Heath usually has more going on in his days, and the riding sessions in his yard hit hard just about every day until dark (aside from when it’s windy). But maybe that slam at the end shut it down early. Damn, that crash was a rough one, Heath!

Day In The Life With BMX’er Heath Pinter On Crooked World
“Heath Pinter takes you on an epic day of snowboarding and dirt with a star studded cast of BMX’ers. Many people know Heath as a stylish dirt jumper and trail building perfectionist, but his roots in snowboarding go way back. Before he was making a dime in the BMX world Heath was throwing down in Tahoe and still loves shredding Bear with the homies! Guest appearances by Mike Escamilla, Andrew Lazaruk, Jared Eberwein, TJ Ellis and Corey Bohan!”