There has been no shortage of new podcasts to check out as of late! Here’s another to add to your listening list! The Head Angle is a new Podcast coming out of Australia, and they’ve kicked things off with an interview with Matt Holmes! Matt is a legend in the Australian BMX scene from his years of riding and events to 2020 BMX Magazine that he ran for years as well! This one is just shy of 2 hours and Matt covers a ton of ground from where he got his start to where things are today and everything in between! Not only that, but this has real clean film work and quality audio, which is a big perk!

If there’s a story to tell about documenting BMX in Australia, then it’s going to have to include Matt. From zines, jams, VHS productions and of course 2020 BMX Magazine, he’s seen the BMX world go through as many challenges and changes as his own.

Talking to the past, present and future of BMX in Australia.

The Head Angle is an Australian BMX Podcast hosted by Tom Boorman & Matt Holmes.

Shot & Cut by John Young” – The Head Angle