Here’s one we didn’t expect to see! Luke Santucci uploaded the “Quit Dreaming” DVD that he produced back in 2014 featuring a STACKED list of Canada’s finest going to work on the streets. If you’re looking for a dialed video to start you week off right, this is the one to do it!

Gleamin – “quit dreaming” DVD 2014

Film and Edit – Luke Santucci


Taylor Elvy
James Steele
Chris Henry
Jared Chilko
Dave Scott
Riley Mcmaster
Scott Grant
Owen Dawson
Bobby Hill
Dave Butler
Orlando Make
Luke Santucci
Mike Boag Orita
Jaumell Campbell
Matt Desson
Andy Roode
Corey Beal
Matt Ridgeway
Nick Lindstrom
Andrew Schubert
Ryan Hiebert
Jordan Hango
Jason Teet