One of the best parts about BMX is that it gives you an excuse to travel pretty much anywhere you might want to go or see. Not only that, but it also allows you to see a place way differently than the typical tourist. Giovanny Casallas recently hopped a plane on up to New York City to check out all the sights and cruise the spots. When you have a guide like Mark Gralla, you know you’re going to get a tour of the sweet spots. Take a look at what Giovanny got into, what he rode and some of the sights he saw along the way.

Video recorded in the capital of the world, NEW YORK CITY 100% street. In the company of Rat Kid, perhaps one of the few people that increasingly explores this metropolis.

Laura Guzman
Julian Sanchez
Alvaro Angarita
Angelo Ramírez
Rat kid
Zac coast
Karen men