Get Sylvester: Episode 1/Nigel in Barcelona

Following three teasers from the project dropped over the course of the past couple weeks, Get Sylvester’s premiere episode finally dropped. In the documentary above, Nigel and crew head to Barcelona for some sights, riding, and nightlife around the city. With Harrison Boyce behind the aesthetics of this project, you know it’s visually on point and the story is solid.  Check Network A’s press release for the premiere episode, and keep an eye out every other Tuesdays on to see how Nigel lives his life.

From Network A:


New Episodes of "Get Sylvester" Will Air on Network A Every Other Tuesday

New York (April 17, 2012) - The highly anticipated global premiere of "Get Sylvester," Nigel Sylvester's new reality show, will debut on Network A at noon DST today.  With new episodes dropping every other Tuesday, the "Get Sylvester" series will present the world of the professional BMX athlete as only Nigel Sylvester can show it.  Watch the global premiere here:

"Get Sylvester" traces Nigel’s New York City roots while keeping tabs on his jet set life as one of the premier riders in the BMX industry. From the streets in Queens where he learned to ride, to globetrotting around the world, to his dealings with his sponsors, this series will truly show the whole story from his perspective.  

Nigel is backed by a list of high-profile sponsors including Nike, G-Shock, Gatorade and Animal.

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