Get Sylvester – BMX in Dominican Republic

Maybe I’m biased because I was with the crew for this episode, but this is my favorite episode yet. DR is just such a wild place and the combination of Harrison Boyce, Ralphy, and Nigel really give you a good feeling of what it was like cruising around for eight days. Enjoy, and be sure to check the current issue Ride to get even more from the trip.


“In this episode of “Get Sylvester,” Ralphy Ramos takes Nigel Sylvester on a guided tour of his home country: the Dominican Republic. Their experiences range from plush ocean-side living to gritty street riding to glimpses of the extreme poverty that’s so pervasive there. The whole thing proves to be more than just another BMX trip; it’s an inspiration. Directed by Harrison Boyce.

Featuring “Burn” by Meek Mill. Hear more:

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