We’ve been dropping the sections all last week but now you can sit back and enjoy this instant classic in one viewing.

SPYGLASS is the second full-length release from the Vancouver B.C. based bike shop ATLANTIS VANCOUVER. The video is shot 100% on the good ol' VX1000, has that classic DVD feel, and boasts an impressively diverse soundtrack throughout. Even if the riding were mediocre (which it is not), this video would have a place in our hearts here at RideBMX. However, the riding in this video is just as refreshing as the production, featuring the many talented locals of Vancouver, and spotlighting a number of the shop riders who are STRAIGHT KILLING IT! Standout sections include Carl Arnett, Owen Dawson, Jordan Hango, and the director himself, Andrew Schubert. Shouts to Orlando, the founder of Atlantis Vancouver, for teaming up with us to release this video to the masses, and to the film's chief lensman/editor/director Andrew Schubert for creating this "instant classic" Canadian BMX video.