Though this one might be one the chiller side, the tag line “Barcelona Street” always means good things.

FUCK YOUR LIFE! VIDEO from g_lebowski on Vimeo.

This is not a commercial video.

BCN & VLC footage.

Filmed & Edited by Gleb Kolotov
Additional filming by Marc Esteban, Daian Alexander & Roma Abramov
Music: The Speak of The Devil by Things to Come & True Love Will Find You in The End by Daniel Johnston

Thanks to: Marc, Daian Alexander de Medeiros, Roman Abramov, Alon Kosoy, Dima Kovrigo, Lucas, Machu, Pincher, Boris Chumakov, Diego Navarro, Gangsta Shredder and every gypsy that I forget! Thank you guys!

Barcelona, Catalonia 2014″