The crew over at Freedom BMX in Germany decided to dig through their archives from last year and pull out some of the best manual lines they filmed over the course of the year and compile them into one dialed video. This has a ton of familiar faces and a ton of wild lines with manuals involved. Check it!

Punctuality is not exactly a virtue that sets most BMXers apart. And this is how our annual retrospective 2018 goes with the expected delay online. The best manuallines from all last year’s freedombmxTV videos will start. We wish you lots of fun with over six minutes of technical delicacies by Bruno Hoffmann, Jordan Godwin, Felix Donat, Tom Weikert, Nico van Loon, Jannik Pertz, Christian Heger, Courage Adams, Travis Hughes, Felix Stinshoff, Marek Kuhalskis, Timothy Jones, Robin Heiderich, Sebastian Anton, Dennis Moller and Leon Ditzel.

Video: The Medialist
2. Camera: Merlin Czarnulla, Robin Heiderich, Lukas Häusler and @denizinger
” – Freedom BMX