Now this is my kind of road trip! Riding, partying, swimming, and hanging with friends is how every trip should be!

“Me and George took a trip to Atlanta to ride Georgias finest spots and skateparks. Seamus and Connor Mckeon kindly put us for the little over 2 week trip in their sweet ass crib. We rode, got drunk and swam a hell of a lot. We made a whole bunch of new friends and had the best times with them. Half way through the trip we took a weekend road trip to Charlotte, NC where we celebrated July 4th and rode with the worst hangovers the day after with Zach Rogers, Phil Jones and co. Skins to Shaun and Emily for putting us up! Shout out to the Homies Eric, Tommy and Logan for being the realist G’s. Thanks for the good times bitches. Peace


George Braeger
Seamus Mckeon
Connor Mckeon 
Eric Stewart
Tommy Myall
Zachery Rogers 
Logan Derberry
Sam Colclough”