Floor Album Promo

Profile's Matt Coplon sent this our way. We usually don't post much music stuff since there are a billion bands and everyone’s into their own shit, but since there's a little flat in here, we're all about it...

"Just wanted to send you a link to the new Floor/Converse/Decibel promo edit. Henry Wilson (drummer of Floor) is a longtime friend and a very longtime player within the Florida flat scene. Floor just got back together after a 12-year-hiatus and is putting out a new full length which, to add to their heavy existing cult following, will definitely break some post punk ground. Just wanted to give him a shoutout as I’m stoked he’s riding flat in the edit." --Matt

"We crash on Floor’s home base of Hialeah, Florida, and find out why their forthcoming reunion album is the bomb(string) in the latest installment of Converse x Decibel."