Fitbikeco. 2018 Austin Augie Signature Complete

Tag along with Austin Augie as he starts his day, builds up one of his new 2018 Fitbikeco. signature completes and gets the vlog going. Look for more signature complete promos dropping daily over the next couple of weeks!

“When you are on a non-stop hustle like Austin Augie, you need equipment that keeps going and going and going… which is why we’re proud to introduce Austin’s copper-top-inspired 2018 signature bike.

This 20.5″ TT, ED Copper, full-chromoly complete has a street-specific geometry and a short offset fork that makes it super responsive in them Brooklyn streets!

Spec’d with an aftermarket grey Café Tripod seat, grey 2.4 T/A Tires, a forged top load stem and double-wall rear rim , there’s no denying that the 2018 AUGIE complete is Double AA DICEY!”

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