After being the man behind the lens of the majority of the Fit videos over the last few years (and behind the wheel of the Fit van, as well), Fit recently flipped the script and put Tony Malouf on the Pro team. Tony set his sights high for his Fit debut and rode almost exclusively roofs for the entire video—and did a bunch of awesome lines in the process. Welcome to Fit Pro, Tony Maroof.

“Go ahead and drop everything if you wanna watch Tony Malouf drop some fire from the roofs in his (in-front-of-the-lens) debut for FIT. TM is a heavy hitter in front of and behind the camera and we’re proud to welcome him to FIT in his new role… as the newest member of our Pro Team.” —Fit

Filmed by: Austin “Sauce” Quick, Brandon Begin, Stephan August, Eddie Cuellar and Austin Augie.
Edited by: Tony Malouf
Music: “Ready To Die,” The Notorious B.I.G.

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