Here we finally get a look at some of the clips for the new Fit video “Holy Fit”. By the looks of it this video is going to be as epic as its name. The video is going to be full of insane stuff but personally I’m looking forward to seeing some of the Van Homan clips I have heard about.

“Four years in the making, HOLY FIT, our fourth feature-length video filmed and edited by Stew Johnson, will be out August 22, 2014.

Featuring: Mike Aitken, Dan Conway, Tom Dugan, Brian Foster, Van Homan, Justin Inman, Pat King, Ben Lewis, Shawn McIntosh, Florent Soulas, Justin Spriet, Jack Elkins, Jordan Hango, Jared Swafford, Brandon Begin, Matt Nordstrom, Troy Blair, Joel Barnett, Jim Borio, Travis Cordova, Stink Pit, Angie Marino, Andrew White, Julian Sanchez”