The 2019 completes from Fit Bike Co. have arrived and they have a full line up of amazing bikes. Here’s a look at a short but sweet promo featuring Yumi Tsukuda with his signature STR FC complete that is available worldwide now! Take a look then learn a little bit more about the bike below!

We sent Yumi one of his completes a few months ago and here’s a quick one of him slapping pegs in dem Japan streets…. ahem, streams.

Instead of bringing out two colorways of the STR this year, we decided to bring out two different STR completes entirely.

Like the STR, the STR – YUMI features a street-specific geometry, 4 PC bars, and 4 pegs. The main difference between the two, is that that STR-YUMI has a free-coaster (the STR has a cassette), a 20.25″ TT and is 100% Chromoly (the STR has 20″ TT and chromoly front triangle).” – Fit Bike Co.

2019 Fit Bike Co. Yumi Tsukuda STR FC BMX bike

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