The masters of the fun BMX DVD, FBM, are back at it again. Their latest effort is a 22 minute piece called Lost In America and features the team shredding plenty of DIY spots, street, trails, and the obligatory BBQ and backyard sessions as well. Peep the trailer here and scoop up the full-length DVD or stream it over at

In this trailer check it out "The ‘Lord's of Fun’ non stop touring in an old black school bus, streamlined into 22 minutes of fast paced FBM Style travel , BMX riding and good times…!" – Features riding from Seamus Mckeon, Eric Holladay, Kaleb Bolton, Garrett Guilliams, Kenny Horton, Latane Coghill, Neil Hise, Declan Murray, Zach Rogers, FBM Friends and more… DVD Or Streaming available at

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