Albe’s just posted this video of a dude named Turbo that built and trued a wheel in 15 minutes. Pretty impressive…

Here’s the description that came with the video:
“So over the summer at one of the Dew Tour stops Eddie from 50/50 BMX said he had heard we had some super fast, super good wheel builder at Albe’s. He then asked how fast Turbo could lace and true a wheel. I really had no idea as we had never timed Turbo. He always built wheels spot on for everybody from Chad Kagy to Steve Mccann, to little Trevor down the street. So just to sound impressive I told Eddie that Turbo could lace and true a wheel in 19 min flat. Eddie must have been impressed because he put the 50/50 wheel guy, Danny Schmucker to work. After 6 months or so of trying to beat Turbo’s petend record of 19 min Danny prevailed and built a wheel in 17min and 39sec. Pretty impressive! Danny and Eddie were so proud that they posted this feat of theirs on the 50/50 blog and called Turbo out. I don’t think Turbo was ever worried.”
– Albe’s