If you have rode BMX for more than about 5 seconds, you have probably seen a bike that has the 19mm Profile Racing Race cranks on it. Over the years, Profile have offered their 19mm Race cranks in a bunch of different sizes and colors, along with that always popular lifetime warranty, standing the test of time when it comes to quality BMX cranks. Here’s a video where Matt Coplon sits down to tell you everything you need to know about the Race cranks from what they are made of to the 10 different sizes they come in, different spindle options and colors.

After you watch the video, you can learn even more about the cranks over on the Profile Racing website! Also, for those of you who are harder on cranks, don’t forget that Profile also offer their 22mm Column Cranks that are a beefier, more street friendly version of the ever popular 19mm Race Cranks.

You can find these cranks in the Ride BMX Shop as well!