You’ll have to look past the filming on this one, in fact, maybe read Eric’s words below, then watch it to get a slightly better appreciation. Eric is always a source of positivity and from the sound of it, he spread it all around the south during his recent trip.

Atlanta street is amazing, and so is the southern hospitality. Thanks to Ryan Crews for directing us to one of the secret trails spots. Atlanta also has a brand new concrete park that is absolute gold. On that note, the concrete park in Baton Rouge is also one of the best in the country. The Ant-Hill trails in Houston are maintained with 20+jumps to flow, smooth and fun lines winding through the woods along a river. The Compound Ramp Park in New Orleans is worth going to, and the local scene has a ton of young shredders. You will be seeing new talent prospering out of this city in the near future for sure. Everyone knows Austin is absolute BMX heaven. I had so much fun in Austin I had to extend my stay by 10 days, and return a month later for another week. San Antonio has a BMX dude by the name of Lucas Davila who built an amazing ramp setup in his backyard, and the BMX world should definitely take notice of 15 year old Tyler Trueman holding down the trails scene at San Antonio’s Graveyard trails.

Thanks to Samuel McAlpin for filming the entire adventure with his trusty little camera, and to S&M Bicycle Co. for sponsoring the tour.