Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned backyard bowl session! The Empire crew does it up right at Hoss’s house!

“the age-old question which has vexed philosopher kings since the dawn of man: what really is best in life?

is it to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women?

or is it, as I believe, best to shred the gnar on a backyard ramp with your bros? you already know!

starring: Nathan Ho$tick, Dylan Smith, Tom Smith, Chase Hawk, Ryan Smith, Justin Kee, Joseph Frans, Tom Dugan, Hanson Little, Aaron Ross, Mat Houck, Josh Dissinger, Devin Fredlund

titles: Brock Caron
filmed and edited: Devon Hutchins
music: Elton John- Bennie and the Jets | Spark Master Tape- Hanson Brothers”