Elliot Van Orman put together this sick video of a trip this past summer in the State of Washington. There is a huge list of names of people you will see in this video that you can check below. Plus if you love trails your sure to find something you love in this one.

“This HD film documents a BMX trip I took in the State of Washington, USA mostly around the Seattle area visiting my brother Jerome Beeler Van Orman and friends in August 2015 with riding and appearances from Jerome Beeler Van Orman, Dan Closser, John Donald, Lucas Chalcraft, Darin Read, Robbie Wright, Points Leader, Scott Matual, Shovel, Adam Provo, Carlito, Jimmy LeVan, Leanne Bice, Alex Salerno, Casey Shea, Sabin, Mike Hoder, Davey Watson, GJ Nappo, Elliot Cooper, Anthony Alex, Zane Giust, Chris Pierce, Joel Dorwart, Chris Slope, Jamal, Jack Maddock, Lil Jon, Jade, and many more…

Song 1- “Jasmine Remix”
Courtesy of: Christian J. Sienkiewicz

Song 2- “Feeling Great”
Composer- Max Brodie
Licensed @ pond5.com

Song 3- “Run to the Hills”
Composer- Dan Phillipson
Licensed @ pond5.com

Song 4- “Sweet Sweet Dreams”
Composer- Joel Hunger
Licensed @ pond5.com

Song 5- “First Day of my Life”
Bright Eyes Cover performed by Casey Shea.

My Mom and Dad for all of their support, Jerome Beeler Van Orman, John Donald, Dan Closser, Sabin, Jimmy LeVan, Darin Read, Lucas Chalcraft, Leanne Bice, Alex Salerno, Casey Shea, Christian J. Sienkiewicz, Pond5.com, The State of Washington, All the riders, and everyone who helped make this film possible.
-(Elliot Gray Van Orman) “