There’s always something rad coming out of Canada these days. Here’s a look at a full on promo for the new “Don’t Mind Us” video that’s currently in the works. This one will feature a ton of familiar faces and a handful of guys you’ll likely want to take note of in the near future. Hit play to check out 8 minutes of footage that won’t be making it into the DVD. If this is the stuff not making the cut, it’s bound to be badass! Get ready!

“DON’T MIND US” is a full length DVD in progress so here’s an 8 minute promo to wet your appetite. Filmed in Western Canada and BCN and set to feature a whole slew of riders including Adam Piatek (KINK​), Corey Walsh (CULT​), Isaac Barnes (S&M​) and more. Definitely a few names that will be recognized in this, along with the likes of Nick Halisheff who was just added to WTP​ last week.

Filmed and Edited by Riley Abramyk” – DIG