With footage collected from their team riders spread out across the globe, this new mixtape from Division Brand is as diverse as BMX gets. All around great riding from a serious collection of riders, this one is hittin’.

“The 3rd mixtape featuring almost the entire crew we help out across the world. Thanks to everyone that helped film this.

Featuring Jeremie Infelise, Angel Covarrubias, Thibaut Weber, Rhys Gogel, Cooper Brownlee, Daniel Johnson, Ronnie Grant, Anton Anton Ayres, Mitchell McDonald, Owen Dawson, Jack O’Reilly, Rex Cubic, Carraig Troy, Chris Whyte, Trent McDaniel, Keahnu Doyle, Wolfgang Ray and Dan Norvell.

Filmed by Cooper Brownlee, Chris Bracamonte, Adam Cox, Anton Ayres, Mitchell McDonald, Mariah Blackstock, Leo Baley and Andrew Brady.

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