Sometimes when you hear of a video having extra footage that it usually is mediocre or just not worth making the finished product. Well Tyson Jones-Peni had put together this mix of “Extras” for The Back Bone Video via DIGBMX and it consist of some great riding on every terrain, but god damn that last clip was so crazy. I gotta check this video ASAP.

“Consider this the second ‘teaser’ of sorts for the Back Bone video. Filming for three years leaves you with a lot of left over footage, so it makes sense to release some of it! The majority of this video is unused clips. We were able to use a song from our friends I Exist, who hail from Canberra, our hometown. Some of you may not know, but the actual Back Bone video itself has an all-Australian soundtrack, which we felt it had to have to compliment the vibe of the store and our scene.” – Tyson Jones-Peni


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