Damn this is awesome. Just as I’m about to head out to ride Dig had just dropped the exclusive debut of The Ciao Mixtape. I had to sit down for 15 minutes and get pumped for the session tonight. This doesn’t disappoint.  The Ciao Mixtape is a must watch.

“You might have seen one of the 35,000 Ciao stickers slapped on a rail or ledge across the globe somewhere by now, but even if you haven’t you’ll want to watch this new mixtape from the Ciao Crew. Just under 15 minutes, five months in the making, with amazing sections from Bruno Hoffmann, Slayer, Eddie Baum, Sebastian Anton, Dima Prykhodko and a whole fleet of others dudes from Frankfurt and further afield. Make sure you head to ciaocrew.cc to see what’s up with their new range of clothing! 

Featuring: Jan Hollinger, Felix Reinhart, Dima Prykhodko, Munya Zana, Merlin Czarnulla, Benedikt Pfaff, Wanja Vogt, Fernando Laczko, Lukas Häusler, Steffen Lehmann, Tom Schorb-Mergenthaler, Eddie Baum, Sebastian Anton, Bruno Hoffmann, Carlo Hoffmann, Mario Waffenschmidt.


Filmed and edited by Ben Francke”