We got a look at Dennis Enarson‘s new “CAPS LOCK” from Demolition the other week, and it was an absolute mind blower. Now, we get 13 minutes of b-roll, crashes and extras that didn’t make the cut for Dennis’ part. It’s pretty wild to think he had to give some of the gnarliest clips from the video more than one go. After you watch this, make sure you go give the “CAP LOCK” video a re-watch below!

The complete behind the scenes of Dennis Enarson’s CAPS LOCK video. Full of never before seen outtakes, crashes, struggles, and high fives. Get to see rare footage of what it takes to put together one of the best videos of the year.

Dennis has been hard at work on his CAPS LOCK video for over a year and a half and always wanted to try to outdo his last Demolition Last Chance video part and went all in to do just that. Every single clip in this is a banger and he could have died on doing each one. Dennis brings tech, big gaps, grinds and air tricks to the next level on street.

Filmed: Mike Mastroni & Christian Rigal
Edited by: Christian Rigal
Graphics: Kelly Bolton
” – Demolition Parts