DeMarcus Paul 2015 Video

DeMarcus Paul is coming off of his banger of a video part in Volume’s “The Finer Things”. Recently he just put out this awesome footage of him killing the streets of Cali. There is no stopping this guy. He is on a mission to destroy everything in front of him. Click play and watch DeMarcus tear it up.

“DeMarcus Paul is an inspiration. A few years ago, DeMarcus left his home in Georgia to chase the BMX dream in California. Through powerful amounts of dedication, extended periods of living on couches, and one of the strongest work ethics I've ever encountered in my life, everything is coming together. His first signature frame will be hitting stores soon, he's got himself a home with his lady, and he continues to ride – and progress – like a complete animal every single day. As insane as this video is, it's just a sample of what DeMarcus is capable of. Watch this, have your mind blown, and prepare for the next. Hard work pays off and DeMarcus Paul is here to stay.”