Based on how smooth and stylish this guy is in the air, I would say he resembles a bird more than a frog. Jokes aside, Frog is one sick trail rider. This is his section from Deluxe‘s Part Deux, and he destroys his local trail spot, the Villij Trails in Northern England.

“In stark contrast to Mike Saavedra’s sun-blessed SoCal part, we travel to Frog’s home spot at Villij Trails in the north of England and some hidden woods off the motorway. Tucked away, this spot is sick – big, fast lines, and the locals hold it down. Frog knows this place like the back of his hand.

Filmed by Rob Palmer

For our second full-length film, we decided to mix things around from Welcome To Deluxe. This time out we ventured to some choice spots that our team riders created and nurture on a daily basis – from Southern California to Pennsylvania, from the Midlands of England to Southern France. We also took the team on tour to discover new spots, cook up some lines, throw some shovel-loads, and have a good time. Because that's what we're all about… enjoy.