“Local shredder and videographer Logan Reynolds has been riding around with a stupid little GoPro camera all spring and summer and capturing some stuff that normal cameras my not get pulled out for. Myself, Jeff K, Grant C., and Jeff Dowhen are in these amongst a ton of local shredders. Check it out and have a laugh… remember what BMX is about.” -Mike Hinkens

Logan had this to say: "Definitely Not Nothing is a new web video series out of Milwaukee that is entirely shot on a GoPro. Pretty much none of this was taken seriously while we were filming.

Definitely Not Nothing series are for showcasing the hilarious moments that happen during riding and the awesome nib jib spots that Milwaukee has to offer.

This footage is about 4 months old, from the first 3 sessions of the year. DNN volume 02 will drop in less time than it took for the first one to come out." -Logan Reynolds